Afterschool Care & Summer Club

Our out of school provision has supervised play both indoors and outdoors with a wide range of equipment and games to be enjoyed.  The indoor department is divided into five areas with age related groups. In each one examples of the activities we offer are, arts & crafts, table top football, table tennis, and a gaming room which is for the older children and time limited.

All children will have the opportunity to make new friends from different schools and backgrounds which can be a very rewarding experience. We like to ensure our detailed plans reflect other cultures, festivals and days of celebration giving each child a chance to enjoy diversity and learn more about the world.

     The extensive gardens to the rear of the nursery is also divided into five different play areas from race tracks to mud pies, quiet picnic areas, role play in our Romany caravan fully equipped for a world of adventure and popular five a side football tournaments.  During the long summer months outings are arranged for the children to enjoy separate consent will be asked for.

Childsplay will collect from any school within walking distance.


Childsplay Northern Ireland Ltd offers a variety of options for preschool in East Belfast.
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